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Hardfacing in different formats

EIPA compound plates manufacturing means highly wear-resistant deposition welding on different base materials. The welded overlay may have different characteristics as well. The plates manufactured by EIPA are extremely wear-resistant and are therefore suitable for a number of application scenarios in various industrial environments.

Firstly, the quality of the base material is defined in correspondence with the application range. The standard thickness of the base material lies between 3 and 20 mm.
A hard deposition welding forms the wear layer which is made of the C-Cr-Fe system, among others. The corresponding alloys enable to reach a hardness of the wear layer up to 70 HRC.

For broad ranges of applications, EIPA can produce wear plates in all kinds of formats.

 Wear plates production


EIPA® Longlife Wear Plates - consisting of a mild steel substrate and a chromium carbides welded overlay.  Particularly suitable for the wear protection of big sized components in...


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