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High-quality filler materials for perfect welding results

EIPA filler materials are not only used for hardfacing by welding of new components but also for refurbishing of worn components.

Filler materials for deposition welding, thermal spraying and soldering can be specially developed for your application. For this, several product forms are available:
    • Flux-cored wires
    • Powders
    • Rod electrodes
    • Solid wires, solders
    • Solid bars
We generally use the following material systems:

• Iron
• Nickel
• Cobalt
• Copper

You will receive a customized product, if needed. Either as filler material or as coated component.
Please contact us any time, we will be happy to support you!

Filler materials / main families

 EIPA dur

 EIPA buf

 EIPA tough

 EIPA loy

 EIPA lit

 EIPA forge

 EIPA cast

 EIPA tec

 EIPA roll

 EIPA tung

 EIPA spray


Dr.-Ing. Agah Meric Sevim

Technical Consultant

 Wurmbenden 10-12
52070 Aachen

 +49 241 9161744
 +49 241 9161745
 +49 172 3209128

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EIPA® Longlife Wear Plates - consisting of a mild steel substrate and a chromium carbides welded overlay.  Particularly suitable for the wear protection of big sized components in...


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