In-house research and development

Metallurgical and design know-how

Patented processes

Quality assurance

EIPA has its own in-house laboratory for the realization of new and improved welding alloys as well as for monitoring production processes.

In order to constantly monitor welding alloys, each EIPA wear plate is logged individually, whether in standard or special format. The welding logs content not only the data of the base materials and the selected alloy quality but also include all welding parameters of the hardfacing process. Consecutive numbering of the logs makes the production of every single EIPA plate traceable. In addition, all information about the manufacturing process is saved in a database for additional evaluations and quicker traceability.

Our gapless manufacturing documentation is supplemented by continuous quality control of samples. They are removed for each charge and product change at random positions and evaluated for quality purposes.

If requested by the customer, quality certificates, such as DIN EN ISO 10204 2.2 or 3.1 certificates can be supplied from EIPA.

Trainees and workshops ensure that our staff stays qualified.



EIPA® Longlife Wear Plates - consisting of a mild steel substrate and a chromium carbides welded overlay.  Particularly suitable for the wear protection of big sized components in...


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