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Power generation

Abrasion and wear and tear happen especially in those plant segments which are involved in crushing and burning combustibles.

For power plants, a seamless and uninterrupted operation undoubtedly has the highest priority. One requirement is the optimal protection of all wear parts. The use of EIPA products can seriously reduce wear on these essential plant parts and increase the cost efficiency.

For example, during pulverization of coal in thermal power plants, EIPA products are the solutions to reduce plant downtimes.

Following is a description of application fields for which EIPA offers optimal solutions in terms of wear protection:

• Fossil fuels (lignite and hard coal)
• Nuclear power plants
• Biomass power plants
• Waste-to-energy plants (WtE)
For example, when feeding or transporting materials, biomass power plants are vulnerable to impurities caused by sand, soil or rocks on conveyor systems which will cause strong wear and downtimes.

Preventative wear protection through EIPA products is the perfect solution.

Special deposition welding consumables by EIPA counter the effects of these wear forces efficiently through the right surface coating.

Waste incineration

Dangerous and acidic vapours are released in waste incineration plants. The exhaust air needs to be cleaned during the subsequent washing process. A prerequisite for further processing of these dangerous chemicals in the washers are plant parts with corrosion-resistant stainless steel in combination with special alloys.

With its product line of wear consumables, EIPA provides customers with the option of efficiently applying such alloys and thereby guaranteeing safe operation of the plant.

EIPA wear protection for biomass

Reliable plant operation is of essential significance when conveying and processing biomass. The necessary precautions against wear and tear can result in a significant increase of service life.



EIPA® Longlife Wear Plates - consisting of a mild steel substrate and a chromium carbides welded overlay.  Particularly suitable for the wear protection of big sized components in...


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